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  • @ComcastCares - if you care so much, then why is your customer service so lacking?
  • Impossible to speak to a live Comcast/Xfinity rep in New Jersey...very frustrating...ready to rid myself of the burdens of cable. @Xfinity wake up!
  • RT @GoldbergSegalla: Today we're excited to celebrate our firm's growth by elevating our brand through a new website, color scheme, and log…
  • @verizonwireless - you failed me once again. Impossible to reach a live person who speaks fluent English and can assist. Need new provider pronto!
  • There are 700,000 + Workers Over 50 in New York who are ready, willing, and able to make valuable contributions to companies. Kudos to employers who understand that age-smart practice enriches #howto #employability #smarts #enrich…

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