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  • RT @jacq_thomsen: Roger Stone's Lawyers Offer Final Defense to Jurors: 'So What?'
  • If we weren't occupied with the impeachment proceedings, rightfully so, this would garner more attention. Trump sold out our allies, our national security, our military strategy for...what? "In Meeting Erdogan, Trump Courts Another Tyrant"
  • "What was on display on Capitol Hill on Wednesday was not simply an impeachment inquiry into an unscrupulous president," writes @Peter_Wehner. "It was the on-going, deepening complicity and corruption of the party he leads."
  • Buffalo News deemed me and others "angry" for rebuking Schumer over his tweet praising Peter King, a man with a history of anti-Muslim bigotry. What is the proper way to be "moderately" displeased? Editorial: Angry all the time
  • Y'all might think I'm hysterical and mad with my warnings, so instead please read Yoni who's an American historian: "How America Ends" .

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