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  • RT @riri_babypanda: People: Shownu has robotic expressions Shownu: but have you seen me eat-
  • RT @mttm_mp3: @WannaBeLikeJLo im so happy for you!! omg i never asked, how was the hi touch????? 😱😳
  • RT @mttm_mp3: @WannaBeLikeJLo oh my god no way!!! aaaaah that's too cute !!! 💖💕💓💗💝💞💖
  • RT @tyswizzlee: The Amazon has been burning for 3 weeks, and I’m just now finding out because of the lack of media coverage. THIS IS ONE OF…
  • @mttm_mp3 I know 😭😭 and during send off I also mangled to say bye to Kihyun especially

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