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  • In late 2016, when an underwater volcano named Bogoslof began acting up, microphones 40 miles away happened to be listening. By analyzing low-frequency infrasounds, researchers found the volcano was releasing massive gas bubbles—each about 750 feet across.
  • Opinion: From “crisis actor” to “collusion hoax,” conservatives are using SEO terms gamed by right-wing media outlets, propelling a polarized internet.
  • Following @FortniteGame's season finale the game got sucked into a black hole. Now, all of its social accounts just show that void. Eagle-eyed gamers have spotted a series of numbers in the black hole. Any guesses what this means??
  • Whether you're looking for pretty or protective, these are the best phone cases for your iPhone 11.
  • RT @DMOberhaus: Never thought I'd write a story that involves Keanu Reeves, Snoop Dogg, and giant AI-powered robots 3D printing rockets, bu…

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