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  • Memphis reclaimed the full value of what Howard can make with the Lakers: $2.6M.
  • Sources: Dwight Howard surrendered nearly $2.6M of his $5.6M guaranteed salary to Memphis in buyout. He can earn $2.6M on his vet minimum deal with Lakers -- if he survives on roster past early January. Ideal outcome for Grizzlies, who never intended to bring Howard to camp.
  • ESPN story on a cautious Lakers organization bringing back Dwight Howard on a non-guaranteed deal.
  • Howard came to meet Lakers after dropping 25 pounds; showed his back was healthy. Lakers want him to protect rim/rebound in limited role. There was sense Howard realized he hit "rock bottom" and had been humbled. Still they'll judge him on actions, not words. He's been warned.
  • Lakers are entering a Howard partnership with caution. For years, he's talked about making changes in how he interacts with coaches and teammates. He's still saying those things now, but the ability to cut him without cost keeps leverage with organization.

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