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  • She’s comiiiiiing....👅👀🛸💫
  • Wow - what an amazing ride Liberation was!!!!! Thanks to all the love and support & ENERGY all my fans gave me in reuniting our bond— had to commemorate these tour moments. Now looking forward to the next phase........ 🎥 @LouieBanks
  • ...Because each time I was uplifted, I was energized with ability to create music that gives back. This cycle of love and friendship is what will inspire me to continue making music for you - and that’s a promise.
  • ...I am unfortunately unable to attend in person tonight, but I look forward to continuing my support of, for and with the HRC. As I reflect on what this HRC honor means, I extend my hand to each hero who helped me throughout their own times of struggle and growth...
  • far we’ve come and that my voice and presence has made an impact thus far is more fulfilling than words can express. To be acknowledged by the @HRCLosAngeles - our leaders who fight for equality - is an honor I accepted with much gratitude...

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