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  • @vmas @taylorswift13 I knew it from the first old-fashioned, we were cursed. We never had a shotgun shot in the dark 🚘✨
  • @taylorswift13 We need a 1989 medley on the Lover Tour - “I Wish You Would, How You Get The Girl, All You Had To Do Was Stay, Out Of The Woods” - and “Wildest Dreams” as its own performance again 😍💖 #Lover #TS7 #LoverTour #YNTCD
  • @absolutebritney “Stronger” from the 2001 AMAs should’ve gone down in the history books. NO CURRENT ARTIST could ever compete with the level of stage presence she had with that performance.
  • I’ll also never forget when I learned that the rest of the tour was cancelled. Ever since, I’ve kept the ticket receipt protected in a binder, as my only memory from that tour. 🖤😭
  • 15 years ago today, I would’ve been seeing Britney for the 1st time ever on her Onyx Hotel Tour. I’ll never forget when my parents told me they were taking me, I was in disbelief that I was actually going to see her.

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