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  • @Ben_Dowsett Yeah I mention RoCo as a sensible Jazz target later in the column
  • RT @ZachLowe_NBA: Lowe Post podcast: Thoughts on LeBron's China comments, plus JVG and I bounce around the big questions of the 2019-20 NBA…
  • RT @ZachLowe_NBA: Lowe Post podcast: @Baxter takes us behind the scenes of his feature on Carmelo Anthony being out of the league -- plus s…
  • Last annual preseason column: 35 weird, random, bold, some not-so-bold, and wild predictions for the 2019-20 NBA season:
  • @TasMelas Not that I have much occasion these days, but I will always, always type "Jose Calderson" on first attempt. My brain just thinks his last name is Calderson. I can't change.

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