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  • The last minute here, where Kyrie talks about the need for players -- for people -- to actually talk to one another instead of living on their phones and assuming someone thinks something about them w/o asking that person face-to-face is both obvious and important.
  • Really enjoying Windy's weekly column this season. Mentioned on Lowe Post pod last week w/ @espn_macmahon that this is becoming a very heated MVP race. Slight disagree w/ Windy's opinion that Harden wins easily if votes are taken today. I think it would be close.
  • @KDonhoops @SBN_Ricky @StephNoh I still think the most absurd and funniest outcome is Kings missing the playoffs, leaping to No. 1, and Philly lucking into Zion. The league would not be thrilled at the imbalance of talent. A bad team should get him, I guess.
  • Lowe Post podcast should resume later this week. In the meantime, here's the archive of recent episodes if you missed any:
  • @SBN_Ricky @StephNoh After much thought, I have reconsidered my position on this. Chicago fans have lived through much pain and turmoil.

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