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  • We have a first-time guest coming on the Lowe Post podcast in a couple hours. Incredible I've never had him on. Will be interesting to see what his Podcast Efficiency Rating turns out to be.
  • Also discussed the Harden traps on the ESPN Daily podcast with the one and only @minakimes even though Mina once called me a cat person with no evidence:
  • Over the last 3 weeks, teams have been trapping James Harden everywhere, all the time. Tracking systems don't even know how to classify it. Is it working? Should teams keep doing it no matter what?
  • She broke the lightsaber. Snapped it right off. Bobblehead Joel Embiid's head doesn't bobble anymore. I think she would treat Bobblehead LeBron and Harden with greater respect. She is completely uninterested in the Splash Brothers. Honestly it's kind of shocking.
  • Has amped up his aggression on offense in last two weeks. His arms are everywhere on defense. He will be in 10 Things on Friday.

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